Enabling industry leading affordability

Full Vertical Integration


Our universal Robot Control Unit

Robot platforms

Modular architecture enables design efficiency and allows for different applications to be developed effortlessly

  • Exchangeable components 

  • Ultra-lightweight design 

  • Sustainable materials 

  • Industry-leading payload ratio 

  • All-terrain passability 

  • Automatic track width adjustable (supported by Innovate UK)

  • Solar-powered 

  • Pressure washable

Robotics Software

Cutting-edge algorithms and software for safe and robust robot navigation and cognitive intelligence 

User Experience

Purpose-built grower-facing web portal and app 

Affordable • Robotics 

Our Technology

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Our universal Robot Control Unit

State-of-the-art robot "brain" empowering the next generation of mobile robots, 

nothing else like it. 

  • Dual computing units 

  • 21 TOPS NVIDIA AI chip

  • 6-core real-time controller

  • Centimeter precision RTK-GNSS

  • 9 DoF IMU

  • LiDAR (external)

  • Stereo camera (external)

  • Ultrasonic sensor (external) 

  • Automotive grade ASIL D MCU

  • AI safety monitor (patent pending)

  • 4 channel motor drives

  • capable for both BLDC and PMSM motors 

  • 100W-1kW 

  • Linux

  • ROS and ROS2

  • Over-the-Air update 

  • 4G/5G

  • WiFI

  • Bluetooth

  • CAN / UART / USB

  • Exchangeable components

  • Ultra-lightweight design

  • Sustainable materials

  • Industry-leading payload ratio

  • All-terrain passibility

  • Automatic track width adjustable (supported by Innovate UK)

  • Solar-powered

  • Pressure washable

AntoMove™ - Autonomous Driving Software Stack

Advanced perception, planning, and control software, coupled with an affordable sensor set, enables robotic autonomy in the agricultural environment.

Multiple sensory fusion and mapping generates a digital twin of robot surroundings that will be used in future iterations to map its path.

AntoVision™ - Computer Vision Software Stack 

Deep learning based full pipeline performs instant semantic segmentation to identify fruits and vegetables - starting with strawberries and apples - and extracts vital information in real time.


Frame to frame optical tracking in connection with robot motion provides accurate count, and depth sensing coupled with robot perception is used to create sophisticated sizing algorithms.

Web Portal and App

Sophisticated web portal and app to interact quickly yet intelligently with robots and the data they provide from anywhere in the world

Data visualisation

​Bespoke web portal and app combine the collected data to build a detailed, rich picture of the health, progress and yield of the farm's crop with onboard and online analysis available in full on the web portal or summarised for on-the-go updates on the app 

Full teleoperation 

With integrated livestreaming services and simple-to-use controls, see through the robot's eyes and safely control it remotely 

Digital twin 

Combining the information streams from the multiple sensors used for robotic navigation builds a digital twin of the farm for precise updates on crop status and unique data visualisation ​

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